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'...Icons of the Common Man...'

...I have always been fascinated by the commissioning of sacred images by the 'great and the good' throughout history, which they then dedicated to their Gods and Saints, in the hope that the donor will receive intercession and blessing, while reinforcing their fame, power or status.


This is the beginning of a small icon for my Great Great Grandparents. He was a farrier she a seamstress...


    ...Postcards From My Soul...

        a series of 9. layered collages, lino cut, water colour, ink

' ensnaptured heart...'

layered silk ribbon, pins, metal & silk thread

...this is the main piece from a series called ' ensnaptured heart...'


Each piece is a 3D reliquary that may, or may not, house an idea, though or experience in love that I have had. Even empty they are symbolic of an experience of love. They are wreathed in thoughts and words, the ribbons layered and layered over generations. they feel robust, but one slice, like the gordian knot, breaks the eternal spells and magic...

'...userpation of divinity...'

'...the turning of the ages...'

...the turning of the ages... reflections on how history and time slide through each other in layers, blended through the ages...

series of individual layered collages, water colour, ink, metal leaf

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more. eternal mystery - why me - relucta eternal mystery - why me - relucta eternal mystery - why me - relucta

...other worlds - the patience of a saint: the tribulations of St Anthony of Egypt...

...a tryptic on the contemplation of unwanted sainthood by a great philosopher and christian saint, Anthony of Egypt, struggles with the mind, soul and changing of beliefs and Civilisations...

gesso, watercolour, metal leaf, metal thread and collage



...fierce women...

...fierce women... is a series of pieces celebrating unsung women in my family, representing women in any family.  It was inspired by a family photograph album full of pictures from the late 1800s to 1939...

Every woman strong, a powerhouse of the family. Without them family's would not and could not survive, through war and depression...

embroidered fabric, silk ribbons, collage, ink and beading